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Capital projects appraisal & monitoring The latest quantitative techniques in project monitoring & scheduling; making use of PERT, CPM and Gantts chart methodologies including real-life case-studies delivered by leading practitioners and senior academics.
  • Capital project costing
  • Scheduling & network analysis
  • Quantitative techniques.
  • Risk management
  • Tour of academic and research facilities at one of our partner universities
  • Tour of Civil and Highway Engineering projects undertaken by private civil engineering contractors on behalf of Local Authorities


Budgeting & Forecasting This course aims to develop and extend an understanding of budgeting & forecasting skills.Extensive use is made of the Microsoft Excel software application for practical activities in order to improve planning, performance management & evaluation.
  • Strategic significance of budgeting and control mechanisms.
  • Behavioural implications of budgeting techniques.
  • Alternative approaches and techniques in budgeting.
  • Forecasting techniques.
  • Preparation of main budgetary statements
  • Performance evaluation & management


Data Management This course aims to develop spreadsheet skills of delegates in order to improve data manipulation & analysis, and the presentation of concise information as part of a decision support system.
  • Data entry & editing
  • Working with cells & ranges
  • Using formulae and manipulating data
  • Relative & absolute cell referencing
  • Navigating around workbooks with multiple worksheets, opening and saving files


Managing Technical Team The course aims to provide participants with advanced management skills based on the latest management theories applicable to professionals in a high-technology environment.
  • Developing positive strategies in handling colleagues who exhibit negative & manipulative behaviour
  • Recognising the causes and consequences of conflict
  • Minimising disruption and confrontation when dealing with ‘problem people’
  • Writing succinct and concise reports while equally conveying key points to a diverse audience